About Us

Hye Ventures was founded in 2021 with the mission to create a global Armenian tech ecosystem through investments in Armenian entrepreneurs through mentorship and community building opportunities.

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Our awesome features

We look to unlock capital and innovation through strong connections to global founders which will contribute to a stronger ecosystem.


Partner with exceptional entrepreneurs starting at the earliest stages of the company

International Capability

Support founders globally through entrepreneurs with well-rounded global visions.

Do Better by Doing Good

The best companies are solving the world’s biggest problems. We invest in world changing technologies

Community Driven

Connect entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, academics, industry experts, and others in the technology ecosystem.

Our Mentors

Want to help Armenian entrepreneurs? Join our list of mentors!

Nathan Kapjian-Pitt
Product Manager

Current Product Manager at an early stage fintech company, Nathan can help with product management, planning, and development. Also as ex-Venture capitalist , he can break down detailed financial concepts and markets.

Become a mentor!

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